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Entrepreneur Includes ShelterZoom’s Healthcare Solutions As Answer To Several MedTech Challenges

“The idea is to help patients outmaneuver the crushing bureaucracy many people face when seeing multiple doctors or specialists.” –Entrepreneur Magazine, describing

Revoke Their Access

It is worrying to think about all the things you have sent people online. As your life continues coming together, others may

Web 3 vs Web 2 vs Web 1

At the dawn of digital civilization, people like you and I had little use. We could digest content, but we could not

Our Life-Saving Innovation

In 2022, 91 healthcare chains were helplessly invaded by a hack with ransomware. This figure has more than doubled from 2016. It

Why you Should Install DocumentGPS

You may have credence that all the technology you use on a day-to-day basis is up-to-date—in relatively the most advanced condition available.

Fulfill Your Responsibilities as a Lawyer

According to the 2022 ABA Cybersecurity Tech Report, 27% of law firms have experienced one form of security breach. To be a

Blockchain Infused With AI

Blockchain is already revolutionary itself. What would be the possibilities if Blockchain were to be infused with AI? Our Blockchain-based product Document

ISO 27001 Certification

Along with the heavily increasing number of businesses that are realizing how prevalent regular and unfamiliar calamitous cyber threats are, we have

Invulnerability from Digital Brutality

The internet is becoming a particularly dangerous place, containing a wide selection of imperceptible trenches from which people around the globe may

You must wonder sometimes…

You must wonder sometimes…“Couldn’t there be a simpler system for my  files? My medical records are scattered from application to application, general practitioner

A Solution to a Helpless Global Problem

In this world, all that it takes for someone to steal everything from you is for them to watch you enter your

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