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Liability Management

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Challenges in Liability Management

Companies can be
liable if client data is

Third-party vendors
can be a source of

Ransomware &
Cyberattacks can
lead to downtime,
data loss, financial
loss, regulatory fines
and reputational

Document GPS:
A Comprehensive Solution

Liability management has become a cumbersome process, requiring multiple third-party vendors and many steps of verification. With Document GPS you reduce the amount of administrative work it takes to prevent liability and increase your security profile in one easy-to-use platform.


Have Complete
Control Over Your Files

Robust permission levels mean you can change or revoke access at any time, even after you have sent files


Clients Send You Encrypted
Files, Free Of Charge

Use the Secure Link within Document GPS so your clients can send you files securely


Verify Who Has
Accessed Each File

Immutable tracking log shows you a timestamped history of each time a file has been Viewed, Downloaded or Shared.


Software integrations

Work management platform teams use to stay focused on the goals, projects,
and daily tasks that grow business.


Key Benefits of Document GPS

Key Benefits of Document GPS

Secure Link

Protect sensitive client information from the moment they send it

Resilience against 3rd party breaches

Decrease the need to rely on 3rd party vendors

Business Continuity

During planned downtime or active malicious activity, you have a backup to rely on


Easy access to files in case of audit or other compliance needs




Monthly billing



What’s included: 


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What’s included: 

Experience It
For Yourself

Experience It For Yourself

Discover how Document GPS can fortify financial data and prevent wire fraud within the financial services industry.