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Entrepreneur Includes ShelterZoom’s Healthcare Solutions As Answer To Several MedTech Challenges

“The idea is to help patients outmaneuver the crushing bureaucracy many people face when seeing multiple doctors or specialists.” –Entrepreneur Magazine, describing

You must wonder sometimes…

You must wonder sometimes…“Couldn’t there be a simpler system for my  files? My medical records are scattered from application to application, general practitioner

Blockchain’s Use Cases Beyond Crypto

We are honored to be featured by Cointelegraph as they discuss the different ways Blockchain is being used beyond Cryptocurrencies.From healthcare to luxury

The Startup That Changed the World

As said by Hipther, “The Web3 start-up that is changing the world!”Watch Zoltán Tűndik interview our ShelterZoom founders, Chao Cheng-Shorland and Allen Alishahi, to find out how Blockchain

Cointelegraph Highlights ShelterZoom’s Healthcare Innovations

Our solution for bringing blockchain to healthcare has been featured as the first example in this Cointelegraph article about non-crypto uses for

Patients Should Have Access to Their Medical Records

A new Web3 era for patient medical records has begun. ShelterZoom is officially introducing a first-of-its-kind Blockchain solution for healthcare. Giving patients complete control over their medical

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