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Entrepreneur Includes ShelterZoom’s Healthcare Solutions As Answer To Several MedTech Challenges

“The idea is to help patients outmaneuver the crushing bureaucracy many people face when seeing multiple doctors or specialists.” –Entrepreneur Magazine, describing

Why you Should Install DocumentGPS

You may have credence that all the technology you use on a day-to-day basis is up-to-date—in relatively the most advanced condition available.

No More Sender’s Remorse!

Have you ever had Sender’s Remorse? With Document GPS a simple toggle lets you take back access to your attachments, even after

How Lunar New Year Inspired The World’s Most Secure Paperclip

Happy Lunar New Year! When we introduced Document GPS we knew we needed a way to show users that this was just

The Three Problems

Real cybersecurity doesn’t cost… it pays! In recent years, sustainability has gone from being just a social responsibility to becoming an organizational imperative

Cointelegraph Highlights ShelterZoom’s Healthcare Innovations

Our solution for bringing blockchain to healthcare has been featured as the first example in this Cointelegraph article about non-crypto uses for

New Standards for Privacy and Security

ShelterZoom is setting new standards for privacy and security. See what these publishers have to say about our revolutionary Web3 technology.

How This Agent Builds his Brand Through Blockchain

Web3 is already changing the way we do things and our Document GPS email extension is making it happen. RISMedia profiles how one of

Attachment Control

Worried about who can see your attachments even after you’ve pressed Send? Use Document GPS on Blockchain—the first attachment tokenization email extension—to manage

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