Real Estate

The real estate industry is crucial to the economic health of the country. Now that the world has shifted to doing business without meeting in person, real estate needs a safe digital home where they can carry out all the pieces of a real estate transaction from start to finish. Use a 1REport QR code to bring leads directly to you and continue the relationship with all the tools you need inside the same platform.

Docuwalk, powered by ShelterZoom, provides a single platform for everything from marketing materials to all the documents, contracts and communication involved in real estate–-all in one private and secure blockchain-based home.

From Start-To-Finish

Market your listings
Create, negotiate and store your contracts
Maintain message history in the same file as everything related to the transaction
Impress your repeat clients by having everything from their prior transaction at your fingertips

Brokers and Teams

Recruit agents
Standardize company forms and contracts so everyone is using the most up-to-date version
Market your team and brokerage in the same places you market listings

You're In Control

Expanded listing descriptions
Property surveys
Seller disclosures—with comprehensive explanations, if needed
Local neighborhood features—show off your neighborhood knowledge
Your preferred service providers
Agent background and expertise
Introduce other team members at your brokerage
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