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Saying Goodbye to Data Breach & Wire Fraud is Just 1 Click Away

Data Breach Protection & Data Loss Prevention in one click.

Document GPS, powered by ShelterZoom’s Single Source Of Truth® technology, lets you tokenize, track and recall your email attachments. 

Enterprises now have more control, improved threat monitoring and greater CRM insights all in one digital solution.

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Document GPS

Email extension for both Microsoft Outlook and Gmail that gives senders the power to stop recipients from downloading or sharing attachments even after they have been sent. Robust Admin panel gives organizations greater control for Data Loss Prevention and Data Breach Protection.

Document GPS lets you revoke sent attachments and see each time someone opens, downloads or shares your attachments with real time reporting. Every attachment is automatically tokenized with enhanced security.


Empowering Enterprise Control

Take command of document management with our powerful Admin Panel. Extract logs and oversee your organization’s documents. Drive compliance by enabling the Super User group, giving you an all-encompassing view of files sent through your system, a vital feature for enterprises. Upgrade your Data Loss Protection and Data Breach Prevention measures without changing your workflow. 



Tokenization, immutable records and full control are built into our foundation. Bring the latest in cybersecurity right to your inbox. 


Document Control

Track every step of the journey when you send files, even people downstream who you didn’t send files to will show up in your tracking log. A company-wide Admin panel makes it easy for organizations to document compliance protocols were followed. 


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Everything you need to manage your documents, contracts & more—all in one easy-to-use digital home

Document GPS

Encrypt, track, and recall your email attachments

Spare Tire

Healthcare business continuity during EHR downtime


Software integrations


Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Senders have full control over document download, sharing, screenshots, and the ability to revoke documents at any time.

Fraud prevention & Security

End-to-End protection from desktop to mobile to external devices.


Prevents data breaches, ransomware, wire fraud, and more.

Transparency & Traceability

Data Breach Protection and Data Loss Prevention. Admin panel provides greater visibility and control for both incoming and outgoing files.

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Experience Document GPS
For Yourself

Experience Document GPS For Yourself

Discover the capabilities of Document GPS, a versatile solution designed to enhance data security and thwart fraudulent activities, transcending industry boundaries.