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Why you Should Install DocumentGPS

You may have credence that all the technology you use on a day-to-day basis is up-to-date—in relatively the most advanced condition available. But some of the most important tasks that we all carry out every day rely on substandard technology that is in dire need of improvement. For every email you send, and every document you create, you are using technology that has remained in the same rudimentary condition for decades. It is not enough that you can compose them with whatever content you want. You must be able to compose them privately and securely. Otherwise, you might have everything you have written used against you in villainous ways, such as stealing your money, secrets, intellectual property, and more. Unless society begins to use freedom technology soon enough, it risks tyranny and other forms of danger beyond imagination.

Thankfully for all of us, technology like such has been released into the world recently. Of all softwares available, the best and most affordable of them all is Document GPS. All documents that you put in Document GPS are encapsulated by Blockchain technology. Then, if you want to attach them into your emails, they remain inside the Document GPS ecosystem every step of the way—the only integrated enterprise solution in the world that offers this fundamental capability. Download Document GPS and upgrade your email to Web3 all in one minute today, and enjoy your freedom!

Now available in the Play store (link below), the Chrome Store (, the App Store (, Microsoft Outlook and on the web for Windows or Mac (more info:

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