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Entrepreneur Includes ShelterZoom’s Healthcare Solutions As Answer To Several MedTech Challenges

“The idea is to help patients outmaneuver the crushing bureaucracy many people face when seeing multiple doctors or specialists.” –Entrepreneur Magazine, describing

“Industry first ShelterZoom Gives Argentine Patients Control Over Their Medical Records With its Smart-Document SaaS”

Our news about bringing our Blockchain solutions to an Argentinian hospital federation keeps gaining attention from the tech publications. We have two more

ShelterZoom Enables Argentine Patients With Full Ownership Of Their Medical Records Via Tokenization

News of ShelterZoom‘s impact on healthcare continue to spread. With the implementation of our Web3 technology, patients can finally have control over their medical records.

Patients Should Have Access to Their Medical Records

A new Web3 era for patient medical records has begun. ShelterZoom is officially introducing a first-of-its-kind Blockchain solution for healthcare. Giving patients complete control over their medical

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