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What is Document GPS?

Document GPS is the easiest way to encrypt your email attachments, as well as turn off the ability for others to Download or Share your email attachments, even after you've pressed "Send”. Your dashboard shows you at a glance who has viewed, downloaded or shared each file.

Document GPS is a revolutionary WEB3 native email extension giving users blockchain-secure protection and control of their attachments. Encrypt your email attachments from start to finish, track and manage recipient ability to view, download or share attachments, or revoke recipient access to your attachments all within a “1-stop shop” email extension.

Typical customers of Document GPS

Organizations of all sizes, from small to large, that wish to protect, control and track their important documents, client information, business IPs and communications.

Organizations install Document GPS to address several major challenges they are facing, e.g., cybersecurity; document ownership, control and tracking; productivity; sustainability.

Freelancers and individuals who need to protect and/or control their IP, important documents, personal information and communications.

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Microsoft Outlook
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Coming Soon: French, German, Chinese
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Frequently asked questions

Getting Started - Installing Document GPS

How to bulk install Document GPS for enterprise users:
Your system administrator will be provided with the enterprise bulk installation instructions at the time of setting up an Enterprise Plan
How to install Document GPS for enterprise users who choose not to use bulk install OR for non-enterprise Gmail users:
Document GPS can be installed instantly via Chrome Web Store. Click HERE to install
Click on Add to Chrome
In the pop-up window “Add Document GPS?” click on Add extension
Once successfully installed, the user will receive a message that Document GPS has been added to Chrome
How to install Document GPS for non-enterprise Microsoft Outlook users:
Currently, Document GPS for Microsoft Outlook is only available to enterprise users
Once the Document GPS Extension is installed, create a new email by clicking on “Compose” in Gmail or “New mail” in Microsoft Outlook, and refresh the screen to make the Document GPS Extension’s red orange paperclip icon appear.
If you are not signed in yet, click "SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE" or “SIGN IN WITH MICROSOFT” to sign in Document GPS linked with your email account.

Adding Secure Email Attachment via Document GPS

Compose an email as usual. To attach a secure email attachment via Document GPS, all you need to do is to click on the red orange paper clip instead of the traditional paperclip inside your email toolbar. The Update File screen will appear.
In the Upload File screen, you can:
Drag a file to the Upload box or click Browse to select from your device or computer. You can upload multiple files. The size limit per file is 65 MB
Add a private message (optional)
Toggle the permissions for “Share” or “Download”. The Shareable and Downloadable are both set to Off as default
Attach files to email by "CLICK HERE TO ATTACH"

Once you have attached the file and completed the email, click Send to share the file.

The recipient(s) open the email received and click on the attachment to view the secure file you have shared with them.

First-time recipients only need to go through the simplified sign-up steps.

My Library

Your 1-stop shop My Library lets you monitor, track and manage your attachments that have been uploaded and received, as well as all your recipients. Effortlessly all in one workbench. In the Gmail version, the dashboard can be expanded from a small extension view to a full view. My Library has two main tabs: Documents and Envelopes.



In the Documents Tab, you can see all the documents that you sent, received and uploaded in one glance in either a document card view or a document line view.

The global functions include:
Search Box - you can search documents by keying in a file name or a partial name
Sort by - you can sort your documents by Date Created or alphabetically by Title
For each document, there is a range of functions available as follows:
Avatar Status Indicator on a Document Card or Document Line - An avatar for each recipient comes with a green indicator which tracks activities of each recipient such as Viewed, Downloaded, Shared or not Viewed
Document GPS Tracking:
A timestamped immutable log which shows each time a recipient has viewed, downloaded or shared an attachment
Manage Recipient: Enabled if you have the Share permission
Add Recipient: you can directly add a recipient to a file without having to resend an email
Edit Recipient: you are able to edit a recipient by changing the Download and/or Share permissions
Remove Recipient: as a document owner, you can revoke recipient access to files you have already shared
Download: Enables the user to download a file, if permission is given
Request Access: This option is available for recipients. Allows the user to gain access to a file, once the sender receives and allows the access request
Request Add User: This option is available for recipients. Allows the user to request the document owner to add another recipient to a file
Delete: Deletes the file from the library
Manage e-Tags and Envelopes:
You can create e-Tags to organize and manage your files by clicking on the 3 dots

e-Tags and Envelopes

Manage your files, documents and attachment through a virtual folder using E-tags and Envelopes

There is a range of functions available as follows:
Search Box - you can search e-Tag by keying in the e-Tag name or a partial name
Sort by - you can sort your e-Tags by Date Created or alphabetically by Title
File Count - The number on the right side of the envelope indicates how many files are in the envelope

My Profile

This is where personal information such as profile avatar, first and last name, email, and phone number can be found. Your phone number will not be visible to anyone else

Upload Photo - Represented by a camera with a plus sign on top, where the profile avatar is being uploaded or changed. This allows the user to upload an image file from the computer. (Note: Image file should not exceed 2MB.)
Profile Information - First and last name, email address, and phone number can be found. (Note: Only the first and last name can be edited since email and phone number are tied up to the Document GPS account)
Storage Information - Shows how much storage is being used. This also shows the storage limit the current plan has
Cancel Subscription button - Here is where you can cancel your subscription
Sign-out button - Signs the user out of the profile/email credential that is being used to access Document GPS


The Notifications Panel alerts you to important events that take place in your account, including when you have had a file shared with you or when your permissions status changes

Other Tips

Move - The 6-dotted icon allows users to drag the extension horizontally and position it in a different part of the screen.
Note: This feature is not available for Microsoft Outlook Mail
Close - Closes the extension
Expand - Allows the extension to be viewed in full screen mode
Web Viewer Use this button to open the file in a new tab
View Files via Document GPS Extension and WebViewer (GPS not installed):
You can view your documents inside the Document GPS extension (left) or you can expand the view to see the file in a new tab in your web viewer (right). Recipients who do not have Document GPS installed will only be able to view files in the webviewer.