Real Estate

Say hello to 1REport—the new way to list your property, mine your leads and increase revenue.

Our proprietary DocuWalk platform, the home for 1REport for real estate professionals and consumers, provides streamlined ways to:
  • Win listings
  • Own your listing leads
  • Market properties
  • Initiate instant offers
  • Create contracts
  • Negotiate in real time
  • Mitigate risk
  • Save time
  • Manage end-to-end transactions

QR Code—Leads directly to your inbox, no one else’s

Our QR scan, with unique link, can go in all your marketing materials—including the listing photos you send to search sites. When a user scans the code their information goes to your inbox. We never share or sell their contact information to anyone.

You’re in Control

With 1REport you have much more control about how you market your listings. Include as much information as you want–there’s no word limit–and attach important files in the same place you

Win Listings

With 1REport you can win more listings by showing sellers how you can customize the marketing materials to attract buyers willing to pay the highest price.

Market your team and brokerage

1REport is the perfect place to highlight your in-house expertise, awards, certifications, neighborhood knowledge and anything else that sets you apart from the rest


Listing presentations. Marketing documents. Files. Contracts. Messages. Notetaking. Manage all the pieces of the process in the same platform. Everything is saved in the same client folder so you can access it in minutes—today or ten years from now.
DocuWalk creates a level of ease and efficiency that real estate and many other industries can use to lower their costs and increase their profit margins. Agents, brokers, and their clients can have a much smoother transaction process by managing all the back and forth for every document or contract involved in a property sale. Agents can also store all the information in an easy-to-use library so when their clients come back to them for their next home, the paperwork is easy to find in just a few clicks. As real estate adapts to more virtual closings and remote operations as a result of COVID-19, DocuWalk provides an end-to-end solution for everyone involved in the transaction.

John Featherston, CEO, RISMedia

The blockchain-based system provided by DocuWalk is what our industry needs to combat wire fraud and other vulnerabilities that exist in the current real estate transaction. In the very near future our clients are going to demand that the entire real estate process takes place in a cutting-edge and fully secure online platform using blockchain technology and DocuWalk is on the forefront of meeting that future demand.

David Mussari Managing Partner/Broker Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Professional Realty

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