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As signatories of the United Nations Global Compact we are committed to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals by increasing business efficiencies through innovation and digitalization resulting in greater impact for less money to ultimately improve the health and lives of vulnerable people around the globe.
We have already partnered with several other NGOs. Those include: Humanity 2.0—a global consortium of organizations under the auspices of the Vatican working to help people and communities flourish—and Unite For Italy—a philanthropic organization heavily involved in supporting health initiatives.
Our low-cost, codeless IT is a solution for low-resource environments to bring secure, easy-to-use document and contract management tools to nearly any size project. From large-scale multi-lateral organizations who need a borderless, private and safe platform to community-based groups who need all the workflow management tools in one digital platform, ShelterZoom's full suite of tools serves all their needs and more.
What makes ShelterZoom different? ShelterZoom provides NGOs with:
  • Borderless document management on a blockchain-integrated system, increasing digital resilience in times of emergencies such as COVID-19.
  • Reduction in the number of apps you pay for—everything can happen inside our platform for a flat fee
  • Unlimited number of eSignatures for you and your clients
  • Increased digitization and simplification of business processes, improving business efficiencies.
  • Rapid contract negotiation in real time with our Virtual Negotiation Room, using standard templates and dropdown options in each document.
  • Increased transparency and accountability, coordination and communication.
  • Improved security and auditability.
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Our flagship document management platform whose technology underpins everything we do, with even more coming on our roadmap.
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