Confidentiality and multi-party virtual negotiation are core to our business. Legal professionals can safely use ShelterZoom since we keep your documents private by never having AI scan your files. Many other browser-based document management systems have machine learning operating in the background, feeding their own massive databases off of your information. But with ShelterZoom the only ones who can see your files are the people to which you assign access. 
Our flagship document management platform whose technology underpins everything we do, with even more coming on our roadmap.

Contracts from Start to Finish

The entire lifecycle of a contract can be completed within the ShelterZoom ecosystem. Create a contract and invite the counterparty into our Virtual Negotiation Room if you need to negotiate any of the terms. Once both sides have agreed you can each sign the contract using our Blockchain eSignature. Once the contract is final, store it in your private digital blockchain-based library for easy access any time down the road. Or, if you need a physical copy, you can download the PDF for use elsewhere.

Boilerplates are a breeze

Boilerplate contracts are easy inside ShelterZoom when you use our Template feature. Work with multiple vendors? Or employees with identical contract needs? Just create a master Template in your library and insert the fillable fields for the information that needs to be changed--such as name, date, address. Those are just a few ideas, but fillable fields can be anything you want. As always in our ecosystem: you’re in control.

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