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Protecting Design IP, Controlling Assets, and Countering Counterfeits

Document GPS for Luxury Brands

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Design IP Protection

Counterfeit Prevention

Secure Information Sharing

Challenges in the
Luxury Brands Industry

Design IP Protection:

Preserving the authenticity and integrity of valuable design IP is essential to maintain brand exclusivity.

Asset Control:

Maintaining control over a vast array of assets, including design materials and brand assets, is vital for upholding brand standards and preventing unauthorized use.

Counterfeit Threat:

The luxury brand industry is vulnerable to counterfeiting, which can erode brand authenticity, reputation, and customer trust.

Document GPS: Solving Pain Points For Luxury Brands

The luxury brand industry faces several unique challenges, including protecting valuable design intellectual property (IP), maintaining control over brand assets, and countering the proliferation of counterfeit products that dilute brand value and reputation. The security that comes with Document GPS gives brands a way to securely share IP work or market exclusive products to VIP clients without risk of the information being shared outside of trusted parties. This protects against counterfeiting by having a strict record of each person who has accessed any information.


Control Your Intellectual Property

Make sure only the people you want to see your files are the ones who can access them Robust permission levels mean you can change or revoke access at any time, even after you have sent files.


Countering Counterfeits

A chain of ownership can accompany your products, showing who the originator and downstream owners are to ensure authenticity. 


Market Only To Select VIPs When Needed

Having complete control over your marketing materials means you can show exclusive products to audiences you select without risk of the broader public hearing about it. 


Software integrations

Work management platform teams use to stay focused on the goals, projects,
and daily tasks that grow business.


Key Benefits of Document GPS
for Luxury Brands

Key Benefits of Document GPS for Luxury Brands

Ensure Authenticity

Document GPS ensures the protection and
authenticity of design IP, preventing
unauthorized use or duplication.

Asset Control

Our platform provides robust asset control, helping
luxury brands manage and maintain the integrity of
their brand assets.

Safeguards from Counterfeits

Document GPS includes features designed to help
luxury brands prevent counterfeit products,
protecting their reputation and customer trust.

Secure and Controlled Sharing

Our platform allows secure and
controlled sharing of design assets and
IP information, ensuring that sensitive
data remains protected.




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What’s included: 

Experience It
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Experience It For Yourself

Discover how Document GPS can preserving the authenticity and integrity of your design IP