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Empowering Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Document GPS for the Legal Industry

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Protect Intellectual Property

Advance Cyber Security

Secure Client Access

Challenges in the
Legal Industry

intellectual property
and sensitive client data

Constant threats of
data breaches

confidentiality and
data integrity

Protecting the privacy of
sensitive case details

Handling vast amounts of sensitive information as the legal sector transitions to digital platforms

Empowering Legal Professionals with Document GPS Solutions

Document GPS offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of legal professionals. It enhances the protection of invaluable assets, such as copyrights, trademarks, and closely guarded business secrets, providing a secure fortress against potential threats. By securely safeguarding clients’ intellectual property and sensitive data, it instills trust and confidence, safeguarding the confidential information that forms the backbone of legal cases.


Prevent Email Attachments From Falling Into The Wrong Hands

Your immutable tracking log means you have real-time information about each time your attachments have been accessed. 


Protect Your Clients' Copyright & IP From Start To Finish

Send files securely using Document GPS and have them use your Secure Link to send you files with the same robust security.


Organize Your Email Attachments Within Your Email Account

Make it easier to keep track of the dozens of files for each client or case with our Single Source of Truth® technology.


Software integrations

Work management platform teams use to stay focused on the goals, projects,
and daily tasks that grow business.


Key Benefits of Document GPS
for Legal Industry

Key Benefits of Document GPS for Legal Industry

Data Breach Prevention

Document GPS significantly enhances data security, ensuring sensitive information remains safe from cyber threats.

Information Leak Prevention

By facilitating secure document exchange, Document GPS upholds the confidentiality of sensitive records and legal strategies, protecting clients and legal professionals.

E-Signing and Secure Access

Document GPS enables secure e-signing directly inside your email attachment, offering a user-friendly solution for legal professionals and organizations.

Collaboration and Productivity

Improved access to secure documents enhances collaboration and productivity within the legal sector




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What’s included: 


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What’s included: 

Experience It
For Yourself

Experience It For Yourself

Discover how Document GPS can preventing data breaches and information leaks within the legal industry.