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Protecting Financial Data and Preventing Wire Fraud

Document GPS for Financial Services

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Protect Clients’ Financial Data

Wire Fraud Prevention


Challenges in
Financial Services

Security of Financial Information

Handling immense
volumes of sensitive
client information

The constant threat
of wire fraud

communications and
misdirected funds

Regulatory and
reputational risks from
data breaches

Document GPS:
A Comprehensive Solution

The financial services sector demands the highest level of security for financial information and must be vigilant against wire fraud threats. Document GPS empowers financial professionals and institutions to prevent wire fraud, protect sensitive financial data, and maintain confidentiality and integrity. Document GPS is a vital ally for financial services professionals and institutions in a sector where data security is paramount. 


Compliance-driven Platform Giving You Unprecedented Control

An entirely new way to share files back and forth with greater control than ever before. 


Two-Way Tokenization Protects You And Your Clients

Use the Secure Link within Document GPS so your clients can send you files securely. Combined with the immutable tracking log showing you a timestamped history of each time a file has been Viewed, Downloaded or Shared you greatly increase your fiduciary protections. 


Unlimited eSignatures Save Your Time And Money

With the Premium Tier you get unlimited e-Signatures built inside your email account. 


Software integrations


Key Benefits of Document GPS
for Financial Services

Key Benefits of Document GPS for Financial Services

Guarding Sensitive
Financial Data

Document GPS ensures the security and privacy of financial information, shielding it from prying eyes.

Preventing Wire Fraud

Through robust security features, Document GPS ensures that wire fraud incidents are effectively thwarted, safeguarding clients and institutions from financial losses.

User-Friendly Tools

Document GPS provides intuitive and accessible tools designed for financial professionals, enabling streamlined data protection practices.




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What’s included: 

Experience It
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Experience It For Yourself

Discover how Document GPS can fortify financial data and prevent wire fraud within the financial services industry.