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The value of blockchain technology should not be conflated with the speculative prices of tokens and coins.... A solution developed by Shelterzoom. By tokenizing documents and managing them with smart contracts, users can control the documents’ access rights, downloads, printing, sharing recalls, and entire life cycle. This same tech can also be used to virtually negotiate contracts, or to tokenize any real world asset and track and manage it through its lifecycle.
— Avivah Litan, Gartner
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Easy email extension to stop recipients from downloading or sharing your email attachments. You can track your attachments no matter how many times they have been forwarded.
1REport gives real estate professionals the first-mover advantage. The new way to list property. Be the First On The Block.
Our flagship document management platform whose technology underpins everything we do, with even more coming on our roadmap.
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DocuWalk creates a level of ease and efficiency that real estate and many other industries can use to lower their costs and increase their profit margins. Agents, brokers, and their clients can have a much smoother transaction process by managing all the back and forth for every document or contract involved in a property sale. Agents can also store all the information in an easy-to-use library so when their clients come back to them for their next home, the paperwork is easy to find in just a few clicks. As real estate adapts to more virtual closings and remote operations as a result of COVID-19, DocuWalk provides an end-to-end solution for everyone involved in the transaction.

John Featherston, CEO, RISMedia

The blockchain-based system provided by DocuWalk is what our industry needs to combat wire fraud and other vulnerabilities that exist in the current real estate transaction. In the very near future our clients are going to demand that the entire real estate process takes place in a cutting-edge and fully secure online platform using blockchain technology and DocuWalk is on the forefront of meeting that future demand.

David Mussari Managing Partner/Broker Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Professional Realty

ShelterZoom is committed to the development of bold and innovative technologies and has some very advanced blockchain services in play.

Matthew Sanders, CEO and Co-founder of Humanity 2.0

We're eager to use DocuWalk's highly secure and versatile platform, this will enable the Orientale to digitize the Institute's most important works, documents, books, and manuscripts for future use and provide access for a much broader audience while preserving the original assets.

Fr. David Nazar, Rector at the Pontifical Oriental Institute

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