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Fulfill Your Responsibilities as a Lawyer

According to the 2022 ABA Cybersecurity Tech Report, 27% of law firms have experienced one form of security breach.

To be a successful lawyer takes serious responsibility. Clients must have faith that you will not let them go to prison, unfairly give up their savings, or be punished in similar fashion. They must also have faith that all their sensitive information is safe with you. Sometimes, this can be of comparable importance. While there are things we can do to protect it, it is quite a shame that even the best of us are still susceptible to being hacked. On average, in America, security breaches of law firms cost over $4 million to recover from, in addition to scarring of reputation (per a 2022 IBM study). You cannot expect these numbers to become any easier in the coming years, given that these numbers have been only increasing over time, and technology is continuing to advance mercilessly.

However, thanks to the advancement of technology, we have created a solution to this crisis using our Single Source Of Truth® technology. Document GPS is a Blockchain platform wherein all records and personal data can be stored safely. You, or better yet, your entire law firm could situate the conglomeration of all your clients’ accounts in one single, interoperable secure space. You can find out more information here:

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