Sending and receiving money is going to become fully digital in the very near future. Currently there are too many gaps in the management of financial transactions, which often leads to significant damages. ShelterZoom’s suite of tools can mitigate risk and streamline the process so users save time and gain peace of mind.  
  • Reduce the risk of phishing scams by keeping all communication inside the DocuWalk platform
  • Escrow documents can now accompany the rest of the paperwork for a transaction, whether it is a property sale or another large purchase
  • Mortgage paperwork doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Keep everything in one safe place inside DocuWalk
1REport gives real estate professionals the first-mover advantage. The new way to list property. Be the First On The Block.
Our flagship document management platform whose technology underpins everything we do, with even more coming on our roadmap.
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