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Wire Fraud Prevention

Document GPS for Financial Services, Real Estate Professionals, and Title Companies

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Challenges in Wire
Fraud Prevention

Widespread prevalence
of wire fraud in financial services, real estate,
and title companies

Endangering clients
and partners with
financial losses

Omnipresent risk of
data breaches

Liability risk and exposure
to fines and reputational

Compromising sensitive
client information

Document GPS:
A Comprehensive Solution

The number of wire fraud cases has continued to surge, with no end in sight. Until now the only solutions available require using external apps which increase the risk of information getting lost between platforms. Document GPS keeps everything in one place for greater control. 


Send and Receive Wire Information Securely

A completely new way of sending files securely so your files are tamper-proof. It exists inside your email account so you don’t have to switch to other platforms to manage sensitive documents.


Immediately Identify and Track Bad Actors

Immutable tracking log shows you a real-time history of each time a file has been Viewed, Downloaded or Shared so you can instantly see who has accessed your files.


Protect Yourself and Your Clients

Wiring instructions and account numbers are protected and tracked. Plus your private messages aren’t being scanned and are hidden even if someone reads your email. 


Software integrations

Work management platform teams use to stay focused on the goals, projects,
and daily tasks that grow business.


Key Benefits of Document GPS

Key Benefits of Document GPS

Enhanced Security and Immutability

Advanced encryption and tamper-proof security features

Reduce risks of regulatory fines and reputational damage

Lower error and omissions risk with greater securit

Securely transfer bank account details

Reduce the risk of wire fraud

Build trust and integrity with clients

Demonstrate you protect their privacy

Easy to use email extension

Installs in minutes, no training required




Monthly billing



What’s included: 


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for pricing

What’s included: 

Experience It
For Yourself

Experience It For Yourself

Discover how Document GPS can fortify financial data and prevent wire fraud within the financial services industry.