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Data Loss Protection and Data Breach Prevention

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Challenges in Data Breach and Information Leak Prevention

Secure exchange of sensitive documents

Data Loss Protection and Data Breach Prevention

Collaboration across a global ecosystem

Ensuring secure access of documents, especially in developing countries

Continuous defense against cyber threats

Lack of control once documents are sent

Document GPS:
A Comprehensive Solution

When it comes to protecting yourself or your organization from data breaches Document GPS provides a one-stop shop for knowing exactly who has accessed, downloaded or shared your files. 


Privacy and Control In One Click

Decide if recipients are allowed to download or share your files and change permissions at any time. Private messages can accompany your files and are not being scanned by an email provider, even though you are using your email account to send files.


Revoke Access To Files, Even After You Have Sent Them

In one click you can completely revoke a recipient’s access to a file and turn off the ability for others to share or download the attachment. 


See Who Has Accessed Each File

Your immutable Tracking Log has a timestamped history of each time a file has been Viewed, Downloaded or Shared. You don’t have to go to a separate platform to view your Tracking Log, it’s right inside your email account. 


Software integrations

Work management platform teams use to stay focused on the goals, projects,
and daily tasks that grow business.


Key Benefits of Document GPS

Key Benefits of Document GPS

Enhanced Cyber Defense

Advanced encryption and security features

Secure Tracking

Immutable tracking log

Verifiable E-Signing

Unlimited signatures

Requires little bandwidth for secure file transfer

Even large files can be sent with limited internet bandwidth

Ease of Use

Very little training required to use




Monthly billing



What’s included: 


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What’s included: 

Experience It
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Experience It For Yourself

Discover how Document GPS can fortify financial data and prevent wire fraud within the financial services industry.