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Blockchain Infused With AI

Blockchain is already revolutionary itself. What would be the possibilities if Blockchain were to be infused with AI?

Our Blockchain-based product Document GPS is the solution to the disorderliness in the digital universe. It is a document management system that has the power to prevent jumbling across your files, since they are all curated in one interoperable platform, and it also prevents intruders from reaching them. This is useful for all industries alike, that want as little liability as possible for lost or unreachable files, or are under threat of a system hack. Thanks to the newcoming AI technology making itself manifest across the digital universe, there are many invaluable innovations we can make with our product that we expect to take place in the future as our company grows.

AI would enable information written in your documents to be grasped and interpreted by the system itself. By knowing your specifically documented condition, it would enable automation of data entry whenever prompted, saving industries a great hassle. Furthermore, it can understand what your documented data means and implies, which can offer insight that human beings may not be able to. In addition, it can give you insight about your condition in relation to other people, such as family members’ medical history. Like with ChatGPT, we could get them to do virtually anything, like translate them to different languages, organize them chronologically, identify specific issues, etc. All of the above will make everybody’s lives easier, and could save some peoples’ lives.

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