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Attachment Control

Worried about who can see your attachments even after you’ve pressed Send?

Use Document GPS on Blockchain—the first attachment tokenization email extension—to manage everyone who viewed your attachments.
It’s easier, and safer, to manage your attachments with Document GPS. Your secure dashboard shows you each time someone has opened, downloaded or shared your attachments. And if you change your mind after you’ve pressed Send, you can revoke the ability for your recipients to download or share your files. Document GPS is used in dozens of countries and growing steadily since hacking and phishing attacks are surging at the moment.

Do everything from one dashboard inside your email account with blockchain security underpinning the process. And when you send with Document GPS your recipients know there is a traceable log so they reduce their risk of clicking on malware or ransomware. It’s safer for everyone. Blockchain has some bad press from its association with cybercrime and cryptocurrencies, but Document GPS is an entirely different ecosystem (it’s even been highlighted twice by Gartner). It simply allows the user to possess an immutable record of their email attachments and control what happens to them from start to finish.

Do see our infographic (attached) and go to the Chrome Store to download.

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